Daily Rhythm

Our daily rhythm is one of play, mindfulness and rest.  We have a love for the outdoors which we translate to the children will loads of outdoor play and adventures.  Singing Tree is to McNabb Park, Memorial and Dondonald Park.

Here is an example of a typical day.  Please note that depending on the season and other planned activities this might fluctuate.

Children and parents are welcomed. 

Circle time:
Here children learn yoga postures, songs and finger plays.

Snack time is a very special time for us. It is where take a pause from our play to come together to  each and celebrate.  It's like taking a deep breath where we relax, take inventory and simply "be" in the presence of our daycare family.  Our daily snack ritual is loved by the children and adults alike.  Here we sing songs, say verses of gratitude for the food we are about to eat, stories are told and sharing of feelings is encouraged.

Free Play:  In this 1 1/2 hours the child is lead to play with toys of their choice.  They can play alone or with others.   They are the masters of their imagination and learn through experiential play. 

Stages of Play